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Allow yourself to be inspired

Create your own quality wine with the help of our wine production specialists. From Kits to Corks, our wine production experts will guide you through the craft winemaking process. Whether you lean Red or White, Sweet or Dry you can choose to make any of the handcrafted wines we offer in our Tasting Room.

Each wine kit yields 28-30 bottles (750 ml) of handcrafted wine complete with bottles, cork, cell cap and stock label. Not sure which wine to make? Head over to our Tasting Room. At Land O Lakes Winery you can try before you buy!

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Getting Started is Easy

The three step process takes 4-6 weeks.

  1. Start: Select your wine kit. This takes about 10 minutes. What kind of wine do you like? Great, we got that!
  2. Stir: In two weeks return to stir and stabilize your wine. This takes about a half hour.
  3. Bottle: Two to four weeks later come back to bottle your wine and take it home. We highly recommend bringing friends for this final fun step. Plan on about 1 hour.

Celebrating a wedding or special occasion, or presenting a gift from your business?

Handcrafted wine with a custom label makes a lasting impression and a great gift for any occasion:
Ask about our Custom Wine Label option.


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