All About Sweet Wines

All About Sweet Wines

Curious about sweet wine? You’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to learn all about sweet wine, including the different ways winemakers craft it, the different levels of sweetness, and the different types of sweet wine available in the wine world.

How Do Winemakers Make Sweet Wine?

What exactly makes sweet wines…well, sweet? The short answer? The amount of residual sugar that did not convert into alcohol during the fermentation process determines how sweet a wine will be. The long answer? It’s not a matter of just adding sugar to make wine sweet. Actually, the process of making wine sweet will vary by the type of wine being made.

For example, winemakers of Sauternes or sweet Rieslings will use grapes affected with noble rot (Botrytis). Someone making an Italian Passito will use grapes that have been dried on straw to create a raisin-like quality. When making a Champagne Doux, which is the sweetest type of Champagne you can get, the winemaker will engage in a process known as dosage, which is adding sugar to Champagne right before corking. Another popular method of making sweet wines is using late harvest grapes because the longer grapes are left on the vine, the sweeter they become. Winemakers in Germany and France’s Alsace region often use late harvest grapes when crafting Pinot Gris and Riesling.
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How To Determine The Flavor Profile Of A White Wine

Just like red wine flavor profiles, there are many elements to consider when trying to determine the flavor profile of a white wine. And, also just like red wines, white wine flavor profiles will differ by region and winemaking styles. Just think about Sauvignon Blanc. One from California will taste extremely different than one from New Zealand.

Many of the same factors that come into play for red wine also impact white wine flavor profiles, like fruit, floral notes, body, and herbaceousness. However, there are a few different characteristics you will need to be on the lookout for as well.

Essentially, when tasting a white wine, there are 9 different elements that you can look for to determine its flavor profile:
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Red Wine

How To Determine The Flavor Profile Of A Red Wine

Determining the flavor profile of a red wine can be quite a difficult task due to the many different factors that come into play, including the type of grapes used, winemaking process, ageing vessels, and the vineyard’s terroir.

So many things can impact how a red wine tastes, it’s hard to come up with a wine flavor profile that’s true for each variety. For instance, despite the fact that they are made from the same grape, a Cabernet Sauvignon wine from California will always taste very different from a Cabernet Sauvignon from Argentina. So, while they are both Cabernet Sauvignon wines, they will have completely different wine flavor profiles.

However, we do have some very good news! According to certified sommelier, wine expert, and creator of Wine Folly, Madeline Puckette, there are some characteristics that you can consistently look for in a red wine to determine its flavor profile. Keep reading to learn what they are and impress your friends with your newfound red wine knowledge!
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Sulfites in Wine

Are sulfites in wine bad for me

Are sulfites in wine bad for me? This is a question wine lovers have been asking themselves for ages. The short answer is no, unless you have a sulfite sensitivity, sulfites won’t hurt you. Keep reading to learn all about sulfites and wine, including what exactly they are, how they are used in winemaking to help keep your wine nice and fresh, and how Land O Lakes Winery wines are naturally low in sulfites.

What Are Sulfites?

First things first. What are sulfites? Often referred to as sulfur and SO2, sulfites are compounds that occur naturally in some foods and beverages, including wine. They can also be added to foods and drinks as preservatives.

Sulfites And Wine

When it comes to wine, sulfites are actually a natural byproduct of the fermentation process. As a matter of fact, 6 to 40 parts per million (ppm) of sulfur dioxide (or sulfites) actually occur naturally in wine.
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Sweet Summer Wines

Sweet Summer Wines

Light, fruity & refreshing ~ Perfect for summer!

Whether on the boat, at the beach, a picnic or party, or just relaxing on the patio our sweet wines are the perfect complement to gatherings of friends and family under warm summer sun.

Lower in alcohol (7.5% about half of traditional red or white wines)

Naturally low in sulfites (considered the culprit in after taste and headaches)

Locally vinted in our Land O Lakes Winery!

A fruit flavor for every palate: Peach Chardonnay, Orange Sangria, Green Apple Riesling, Cranberry Craze, Key Lime
or our NEW flavors Blackberry Blast, Strawberry Sensation, Blueberry Bliss, Rockin’ Raspberry Rosé, Very Black Cherry
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