Sending Off Our Snowbirds With A Smile…and Local Wine

Rumor has it that spring has finally sprung, and it’s time for our snowbirds to head north!

Each year, almost a million people make their way to Florida for the winter from far flung places to the north. And who can blame them? With our sunny days, sandy beaches, and plenty of opportunities to play, Florida is the perfect place to relax. These winter visitors, affectionately known as snowbirds, are a vital part of our economy and bring a vibrant energy to our communities. And while Florida locals may do their share of teasing – the truth is that we genuinely appreciate our snowbirds!

As our seasonal friends prepare to leave for the summer, we hope they’ll take these three things with them:

Happy Memories

From our weekly happy hours to our wine glass painting, snowbirds inject a sense of fun into every event  at the Land O Lakes Winery. We are not sure if it’s an attitude that comes with vacation, retirement or if they’re just really happy to have escaped the cold and snow, but our snowbirds have an energy that’s contagious. We know we’ve enjoyed their company this winter, and we hope they leave with happy memories of their time here.

Lasting Friendships

There’s nothing quite like great wine to bring together people from places near and far. We love spending time with our out-of-state and international guests because they offer fresh perspectives and great company. This winter was full of long talks – and lots of laughter – as our guests celebrated birthdays, retirements and ladies’ nights. We watched plenty of friendships grow over great wine, and even though our snowbirds are part-time residents, we know they’ve become full-time friends.

Delicious, Local Wine

What better way to reconnect with northern family and friends than with wine! Our wines, naturally low in sulfites and delicious, make a unique gift and are great for entertaining. From homecoming dinners to Fourth of July barbecues, popping open a bottle of our local, handcrafted wine is a surefire way to bring back memories of winter in the Florida “NAPA valley” and to share a little bit of your experience with the special people in your life. Stock up on your favorite Land O Lakes Winery wines, and you’ll be ready to celebrate all summer long.

A Special Offer For Our Snowbird Friends

To our snowbird friends, stop in before you leave and save 30% on your purchase of wine Bottles to Go! as a special thank you for your business.

It’s always a bittersweet to say goodbye to friends, new and old. If you’re getting ready to head north for the summer, we’d love to see you one last time before you go. And we have a lot of exciting things planned in the coming months, so be sure to check in on us while you’re gone!

We wish you safe travels and good health as you head north for the summer. Until next year…cheers!