Super Tuscan

Pairing Foods With Our Super Tuscan

This month’s Wine of the Month is Super Tuscan, our number one most popular red wine. Customers come back time and again to restock their personal supply or to pick up a few bottles to give to friends. And while the Super Tuscan is delicious on its own, we often get questions about what the right food is to pair with this crowd-pleasing blend.

Named for the Tuscan region in Italy where it originated, the Super Tuscan is a dry blend of Sangiovese, Merlot, & Cabernet Franc wines. This full-bodied wine exudes aromas of fresh raspberries supported by subtle hints of vanilla and earthy tones, along with intense tannins producing a concentrated palate of blackberries with a peppery finish.

When it comes to choosing the right food to pair with your wine, the truth is that you can’t go wrong. The correct food to pair with your wine is anything you enjoy it with. There are, however, certain foods that can enhance particular flavors in the wine you’re enjoying. The art of wine pairing all begins with an understanding of the fundamentals of taste and how their components – sweet, sour, spice, bitter and fat – can complement one another.

Our Favorite Pairings For Super Tuscan

When choosing a main dish to pair with the Super Tuscan red wine, consider the region from which the wine originates. Hearty meats like roasted pork, spicy sausages or grilled steak are all excellent pairings for this complex dry wine. We also love serving it alongside filling seafood dishes like a meaty grilled swordfish steak or, my favorite, a spicy cioppino (this recipe from Giada is my go-to dish to impress).

If serving Super Tuscan with appetizers or tapas, choose bold savory options. We like to serve it alongside a bold aged cheddar or a rich bruschetta with olive oil and rosemary.

Creative Pairing Choices for Super Tuscan

Pairing this memorable red wine with traditional Italian dishes is always a delicious choice, but if you’re looking to get a little more creative with your food pairings, try enjoying your Super Tuscan with one of the following, slightly unconventional dishes:

  • Meat Lover’s Supreme Pizza. While beer may be the common pairing choice for pizza delivery, the smoky meats and rich marinara on a supreme pizza actually pair beautifully with the dry red Super Tuscan blend.
  • Creamy Ricotta Ice Cream. Not overly sweet, the creamy and almost salty flavors of a ricotta or mascarpone based dessert bring out the subtle vanilla and berry notes of our delicious Super Tuscan wine, and this ice cream recipe from Food52 is incredibly decadent. Of course, if you’re short on time, any delicious gelato is always a great substitute.
  • Bitter Greens Salad. If you’re in search of lighter fare to enjoy with your Super Tuscan, look to a bitter greens salad. Bitter greens tossed with a little lemon juice and olive oil and topped with capers and pecorino taste delicious alongside the peppery afternotes of Super Tuscan.

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